First Home Owner Government Grants

First Home Owner Government Grants. Are You Eligible? It's dependent on a few factors and varies from State to State. However, in general, the following applies. Your age (you have to be 18+)You, your spouse, or co-purchaser, must not have owned a property in...

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First Home Buyer Buddy

First Home Buyers Guide To Crack Into The Market

If you're hoping to crack into the property market in 2019, here are 8 simple tips we share with our first home buyer clients. These tips will help to ensure you can purchase a home that not only suits the majority of your needs and wants but most importantly your...

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First Home Buyer Guide to crack into the market

5 Mistakes First Home Buyers Make

Let's take a look at the 5 mistakes first home buyers make when trying to buy their first home? Why? Because these 5 mistakes are all pretty easy to avoid if you know what to look out for. In this short video we'll cover off these common areas of difficulty for...

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5 first home buyer mistakes

Is The Perfect First Home A Unicorn 🦄?

If you're struggling to find the 'PERFECT' first home (because of your budget), that is 100% normal! The good news is, the 'PERFECT' first home rarely exists... It's a bit like a unicorn 🦄 So you're certainly not alone! And if you're feeling a little overwhelmed by...

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First home

First Home Buyers Masterclass Recap

There were so many takeaways from our Melbourne First Home Buyers Masterclass, so we just had to write them all down, get them out of our head, and share them with you. Our First Home Buyers Masterclass kicked off with our first expert speaker... Bernard Desmond,...

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First Home Buyers Masterclass

How To Spot A Bargain For Your First Home

Knowing how to spot a bargain for your first home are valuable tools if you want to buy your first property for either under market value or the lowest price possible. In this short video we did for Real Estate Insider, we'll take you through a few of the easy ways...

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How to spot a bargain for your first home

First Home Essentials Checklist

A first home essentials checklist will come in very handy when you're looking to buy your first home. Best of all this allows you to make smart decisions along the way. It's important you get this right as buying your first home is a huge decision. Using a first...

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First home essentials checklist

First Home Buyers Checklist

Why is a first home buyers checklist so important in 2018? Well, buying your first home is an exciting but daunting prospect for most first-timers. The easiest way to turn your dream into a reality is to approach the buying of your home step by step. We've put...

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First home buyers checklist

How To Make An Offer On A Property

How to make an offer on a property? This gets most first home buyers very nervous. We'll also go through some essential areas you need to consider when you make an offer on your first home. Knowing how to make an offer is super important and putting together the...

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How to make an offer




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