If you’re hoping to crack into the property market in 2019, here are 8 simple tips we share with our first home buyer clients. These tips will help to ensure you can purchase a home that not only suits the majority of your needs and wants but most importantly your budget.

8 Tips To Crack Into The Property Market

Understand your borrowing power (Do this before you start your search).

Research the area you’re buying in (so you know what comparable properties are selling for and a fair price to pay).

Don’t feel pressured to rush your decision (but also don’t expect prices to fall much further than they already have).

 The importance of getting your ‘first property’ selection correct (Is it a good investment and will it appeal to future buyers when you sell).

 Be realistic. Your first home may not tick ALL of the boxes on your wishlist, but you don’t have to stay there forever.

 Don’t buy with emotion. (When you overpay for a property it will take a lot longer to see a good return on your investment).

 Don’t spend (or borrow) more than you can comfortably afford. No property is worth financial stress!

 Save. Save. Save. A larger deposit will often mean a lower interest rate and smaller repayments.

If you can follow these 8 tips you’ll not only have a more pleasant experience when buying your first home, you’ll also likely be able to make a faster and better-informed decision.