First Home Buyer Masterclass

We regularly run free first home buyer Masterclasses with some of Australia’s leading mortgage brokers, builders and developers. Educating first-time buyers on all topics relating to home loans and buying or building your first home.


Brisbane First Home Buyers Masterclass

Brookwater FHB Masterclass
First Home Buyer Masterclass Pimpama

Gold Coast/Brisbane First Home Buyers Masterclass

Melbourne First Home Buyers Masterclass

First Home Buyers Masterclass

What Will You Learn At Our First Home Buyer Masterclass?

Minimum deposit generally required and how the banks work out your borrowing capacity
Saving and budget tips to get you into your first home faster
Credit ratings – How will yours affect you?
Different approval types and what they mean for you e.g online, pre-approval and final approval
Guarantor Loans (help from mum and dad) and how this option may help you get into your first home immediately
Forgotten fees when purchasing a home e.g Stamp duty, bank fees, legal fees etc
Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) and how this can potentially help you buy your first home faster
Current Government grants available being a first-time buyer
Benefits of using Brokers V’s Banks and Online websites
Client case studies and how you can benefit
Biggest myths/misconceptions about getting a home loan
How to choose the right first home so you don’t regret your purchase?
Popular property options available to First Home Buyers and the pro’s and con’s of each
Common and costly mistakes First home Buyers make when purchasing a property and how to avoid them
How to deal and work with local agents if they are applying pressure to you
How to make strong offers and negotiate with local agents
What to be on the lookout for e.g Blacklisted areas, Investors, and competition etc
The First Home Buyer Buddy and how it can give you an ‘unfair’ advantage over your competition
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