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Combining our passion for real estate and education, we’ve created the ‘First Home Buyer Buddy’, a simple 10 step online system designed to guide any first home buyer through the entire buying process, teaching you the skills and knowledge needed to confidently purchase your first home without the fear of getting ripped off or missing out.

We place a strong emphasis on providing an affordable way for first home buyers to find and buy the right property, for the right price. Ensuring you avoid the most common and costly mistakes many first home buyers make.

Our mission is to make buying your first home an easy and enjoyable experience.

So why did we decide to concentrate on helping JUST first home buyers?

Well, for far too long first home buyers had been taken advantage of and we wanted to do something about that. From the very start they’re at a huge disadvantage as they’re usually working with the smallest deposit and budget, up against competition from investors and not to mention their level of inexperience having never done this before… Now throw in the fact that they have to negotiate with a savvy real estate agent who’s an industry professional, probably with hundreds of negotiations under their belt and it’s not hard to see that it’s going to be an unfair fight. It’s a bit like jumping into the ring with Mike Tyson if you’ve never boxed before… But instead of coming out black and blue, it will usually be their wallet or their stress levels that are at breaking point. So we created the First Home Buyer Buddy programme, a simple step-by-step system that helps first home buyers SAVE money, time and stress when it comes time to make one of the biggest financial decisions of their life. They only get ONE chance to get this right, and we want to make sure they do!

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