Need help buying your first home?

Need help buying your first home? Here are our top 2 tips for 2018’s next generation of home buyers.
If you want to make sure your first home buying experience is as easy as it can be you need to do two things. Get help finding the best loan to suit your personal circumstances and help to find the right property for the right price.

Mortgage Brokers are your No.1 when it comes to getting your first home loan

Mortgage brokers are an amazing asset if you need help buying your first home. It’s their job to find and advise you on the most appropriate loan to suit your individual needs. They take into consideration a number of different factors. Including how you’re able to service the loan (make repayments) now and in the future. It’s important you get the very best advice when it comes time to choosing a home loan as every dollar counts.
Mortgage brokers have access to many different lenders. This means lots of different options for you to choose from. They also act as a valued member of your team. Meaning they’re there to provide advice and guidance through an often tedious and complex process.
However, mortgage brokers aren’t your only option. You can always go directly to a bank, but just remember they can only offer you a loan with their bank. And it may not always be the best one available to you. There are also online websites. Comparison tools can assist, however, they won’t be as thorough as sitting down face-to-face with a professional.
And whilst those online tools are effective and can help provide you with some direction in the early stages, seeing your local mortgage broker should really be your first step. Relying on a result after punching in a few numbers to an online calculator can often lead to disappointment.

Want to make sure you get the best property deal? Then look into the First Home Buyer Buddy.


If you need help buying your first home, the First Home Buyer Buddy has been designed to do exactly that. It’s been created by buyers agents to give first home buyers a BIG advantage over their competition.

Lisa Baxter Co-founder of the First Home Buyer Buddy says, “In the past Buyers agents have been seen as a luxury first home buyers can’t afford. That’s why we developed an online system, but more importantly an affordable way for first-time buyers to get the help they need”.

The team at the First Home Buyer Buddy understand that first home buyers usually make a lot of mistakes. Especially, when it comes to dealing with savvy and experienced real estate agents. Making offers and negotiating freaks out most first-timers and the First Home Buyer Buddy has been designed to combat that.
It’s a 10 step programme covering everything you need to get yourself the best deal. The system starts with loans and ends with you getting the keys to your first home.
It’s completely online and self-paced. Meaning you access what you need when you need it.
Australian first home buyers are turning to the First Home Buyer Buddy as a way to give themselves an ‘Unfair’ advantage. In hot property markets, it’s the small things that make the difference and the difference can mean you ending up with your dream home or missing out.

If you need help buying your first home there is help available…


Reach out to your local mortgage broker and also the team at the First Home Buyer Buddy and make sure you feel confident and prepared when you make the biggest financial decision of your life.

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